Get Your Sorority Featured on the @BETCHES Instagram!


All you have to do is preorder our new book.


In case you missed it, our second book I Had A Nice Time and Other Lies: How To Find Love and Shit Like That, is coming out on April 19th. This book will be your new dating bible, with advice on everything from what direction to swipe on your favorite dating app to what your engagement ring says about you. Put away the Ben & Jerry’s froyo (just because it’s low fat doesn’t mean it’s okay to eat the whole thing) and start dating like a winner.


That sound chill AF, but how does my sorority achieve insta-fame?


The rules are easier than a virgin on prom night. Whichever sorority chapter (literally any sorority from any school in America can win) gets 45 members to preorder their own copy of our book first will be featured on the @betches instagram. That means 4 million people will get to see that your sorority is the HBIC. 

1. PREORDER OUR BOOK: Go to any of the links on THIS PAGE, preorder that shit, and take a screenshot of your confirmation. 

2. EMAIL US PROOF OF PURCHASE: Email us that screenshot to This is the tricky part. The email’s subject line should have your SCHOOL NAME AND SORORITY NAME. If It doesn’t it will not be counted toward your sorority. 

3. WAIT TO SEE IF YOU WON: The contest ends either when we receive 45 submissions from the winning sorority, or on April 26th at 12pm EST. We will contact the winning chapter and ask you to submit a photo with your members holding their preordered books to be featured on the @betches instagram. This way you can’t just take one screenshot of a receipt and send it to your whole sorority to email to us. Yes, we thought of that idea too. 


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