Bono Wants To Send Amy Schumer To Fight ISIS

It’s not a sketch from SNL, believe it or not. At a recent hearing about the threat of ISIS, Bono (yeah the singer that loves politics, does he even sing anymore?) suggested that the US government send comedians over to fight ISIS with laughter and named Amy Schumer, Chris Rock, and Sacha Baron Cohen. Yeah because if there’s one thing I think of when I think of terrorist groups, it’s “sense of humor.”

Then Amy got wind of this and responded to it on her twitter with “Holy shit.” Is that like a “Holy shit, wtf is wrong with you” or like a, “Holy shit, that’s brilliant, I’m down”?? I mean honestly it sounds like the plot of that terrible movie The Interview (sorry, James Franco) but Bono sounded pretty serious about his idea.

We know a thing or two about using laughter to diffuse a situation, but will punchlines save us from terrorists? Remember, most comedians tell jokes because they literally don’t want to do anything else. Sure, they may be smart but like, take down ISIS smart? Also remember that Bono is not a war strategist either—he’s barely a music strategist. This is the guy that pissed off everyone on iTunes when his album showed up overnight on iPhones everywhere. Hopefully Obama doesn’t take any foreign policy advice from him anytime soon.


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