Bob Marley’s New Beauty Line Will Make You Want To Get High AF

Bob Marley — the same man who made you believe dreadlocks were a viable hair option — has finally created a weed inspired skin-care line. OK, not really. Bob Marley is fucking dead you idiot (RIP), But his legacy lives on. And by that I mean, the tattoo you got of his face in the middle of a poorly drawn Rastafarian colored heart on your left ass cheek back in 2007, is still permanent. 

Even though you probably threw away your “One Love” poster years ago, the hazy memories might come rushing back in when you see this new line. “Marley Natural” has body washes, lotions, and salves that all have one major defining ingredient: hemp seed oil. Turns out, the cannabis derived oil has a shit ton of fatty acids, which apparently are HIGHly moisturizing and good for your skin.

Everything from this line is basically a stoner’s wet dream. So my suggestion is to first get alarmingly high, then put on “Buffalo Soldier”, buy everything, and proceed to have no regrets. Just like the good old days.


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