Blue Ivy Stole Beyoncé’s Makeup Because She DGAF

In this week’s edition of “Blue Ivy’s life is better than yours will ever be”, Beyoncé’s betch-in-training/child stole her mom’s makeup and honestly almost looked better than I did on Saturday night, which is upsetting but kind of inspirational.

The four year old had some winged liner going on, some very chill colored rhinestones above her perfectly groomed brows, and a bright pink lip. I feel so gross that I’m about to say this, but honestly her look was ~*flawless*~.

Anyway, real talk, she looks better than whatever the fuck bullshit North was doing with Kimmy’s contour palette last month. Suck on that, North. (I’m planning on planting the seed for this feud as early as possible. Thank me in 15 years when you realize I’m a fucking visionary.)


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