Betch Of The Week: Blue Ivy Carter

All hail queen Blue. American princess Blue Ivy is our betch of the week. As if we already didn’t know the spawn of our dear lord and savior Beyonce would be one of the greatest gifts to mankind, she cemented her status as HBIC with how she entered the CFDAs this week.

She was so over the paparazzi; she was just not having any of it. While most annoyed celebs usually just throw a little shade with a mean glance, she wagged her finger at them the ENTIRE way in, all while holding her daddy’s hand (who just happens to be Jay Z, NBD).


Jay Z & Blue tonight #CFDAAwards

A video posted by Beyoncé (@beylite) on


Not only is she dressed in what has to be custom baby Givenchy, but also she wags her finger so fiercely at those rude photographers that Rihanna might have to give up her “Bad Girl” title. #BadGirlBlue

Additionally, she took this oppportunity to let the world know she has in fact listened to ‘Lemonade.’

If pictures could talk this image would scream “I know what you did and you did it. My mom doesn’t need your punk ass. We gonna be alright.”

Beyond the CFDA we shouldn’t have to remind you of her other more iconic moments.

1. When her mom got a special VMA award and she congratualted her while simultaneously stealing the show. 


2. When she did such a clutch power move and hung out with the older cool girls while only being a freshman four.

3. When people would talk mad shit about her hair for no fucking reason and she was like “Are you in a Beyonce video?” “I didn’t think so.”

4. Oh ya and her mom is Beyonce. They are the most adorable little duo. 

Blue you are my idol—your move North West.




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