Blue Ivy’s 4th Birthday Was Probs Better Than Your 21st

The blessing bestowed upon the earth by two super stars has turned four, and had a pretty ah-mazing birthday bash. No, we’re not talking about North West, the other super famous kiddo: Blue Ivy Carter.

Blue Ivy turned 4 in January, but we’re just now seeing the pics from the party. The pics were uploaded to Beyoncé’s website.

Her party seems to be fairy themed, as evidenced by the amount of wings in the pictures. There was also a kid-friendly archery station. Weird. 

The delayed posting of pics takes me back to the early Facebook days of having a digital camera super pregnant with party pics and uploading them all at the same time, usually months after they were actually taken. All I’m saying is the world before smart phones was weird. How’s that for a TBT?

Anyway, releasing the pics Wednesday was kind of a weird move, because not only was the party months ago, Bey’s workout wear line also drops today. I guess she wasn’t worried about Blue Ivy stealing Ivy Park’s thunder. 


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