Shocking News: Blondes Are Smarter Than Everyone

Good news for brunettes who like bad news: turns out blondes are the smartest. At least according to this recent study-that-probably-doesn’t-mean-anything-but-will-be-used-to-fuel-click-bait-articles-at-least-another-month. (Or as something blonde people can keep in their back pocket for when anyone questions how they got into law school.)

Jay Zagorsky of Ohio State University—probably a blonde himself—studied the correlation between blonde hair and intelligence. His findings are upsetting for anyone who purposefully surrounds themselves with blonde BFFs so they will feel like the smart one of their crew. Turns out, in a group of Caucasian women, those born with blonde hair had the highest average IQ scores. Which doesn’t explain this at all:

But therefore like and such as whatever. South Africa.


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