Blake Shelton Is Officially Dating Gwen Stefani Even Though They’ve Probably Been Having Sex For A While

Country star Blake Shelton publicly divorced his wife of four years, Miranda Lambert, back in July, and is already jumping back in the Hollywood cesspool of sex, drugs and relationships.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani started churning the rumor mill when they stepped out together at Maroon 5’s Halloween party and were caught “canoodling”… aka fucking. A week before that, Gwen accompanied Blake back to his ranch in Oklahoma for some old-fashion cowboy riding. Now, they’re officially dating.


Okay, it’s time to call bullshit. Stefani and Shelton both appear on NBC’s “The Voice.” Blake got divorced amid rumors of infidelity. Now, Gwen and Blake come crawling out of their dirty little bedroom like innocent little lovers? NOPE.

Stefani and Shelton were photographed holding hands at a CMA after-party, like, this is the most incriminating evidence of all time. But anyway, they’re dating, they probably are a great couple to get drunk with, and we’re over it.

Despite Blake’s super-rapey eyes in this picture, they seem pretty happy. Whatever.


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