Blake Lively Had Her Second Baby

Hey there, Upper East Siders. Rumor has it that S delivered a special surprise this weekend. Is it N’s? Only time will tell. We hear B is super jealous of all the attention she’s getting, so she’s sure to shake things up soon.

Okay sorry sorry we couldn’t help ourselves. Blake Lively gave birth to her second child with Ryan Reynolds on Friday, and in true classy form, they’ve revealed basically nothing. We’ve yet to learn the baby’s sex, name, or really anything. This is frustrating, but Kim K also got held up at gunpoint so we have other things to worry about.

You’ll recall that their previous child is a girl named James, which we don’t hate but we might kind of hate. If the new baby is a girl, she’ll probably be named like Andrew or Thomas or something, because why not just continue on a theme. If it’s a boy all bets are off, but Blake Lively probably has a list of like 300 names picked out.

While we’re waiting for baby pictures, honestly just go google pictures of Blake and Ryan, because it’s really still mesmerizing how perfect of a couple they are. Like, fuck.


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