Blake Lively Complains That Her Husband, Ryan Reynolds, Is Too Hot

Earlier this week, nonhuman Blake Lively went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote The Shallows, which comes out this weekend and is exactly like Jaws but with a really attractive blonde. Shark attacks? For summer? Groundbreaking.

Not only did she talk about the movie and prove that she’s still way hotter than the rest of us despite being pregnant, she also let us in on the struggles of being Ryan Reynolds’ wife.

Apparently, she can’t get on a plane these days without all the surrounding passengers watching Deadpool, specifically the holiday sex montage filled with strap-ons and mashed potatoes and other kinky shit. She went on to say it was “kind of torture,” and honestly, I have a hard time believing any part of Lively’s life is all that torturous, but everyone is fighting their own battles, I guess. The real question is why is she sitting close enough to people to see their screens? Is she in coach or something? Serena van der Woodsen would not stand for this.

I mean, if I was her and I was flying coach with my baby (Come on, Blake… Don’t be that mom) and the middle-aged tourist sitting next to me was ogling over my gorgeous husband screwing some other chick, I probably wouldn’t like it all that much either. But I’d be a goddess who happens to be Mrs. Ryan Reynolds, so I think I’d manage.


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