Blackout Tattoos Are Here, And They Are Fucking Horrifying

Blackout tattoos are exactly what they sound like (sort of). Note: Not something you have done after an extensive night of boozing. Blackout tattoos completely cover the skin with ink.

If you’ve ever had a horrible tattoo, you know how hard it can be to cover them up. It takes a skilled tattoo artist and a lot of money to do it right. But now you have to ask, “Why torture yourself with the prospect of coming up with a new tattoo idea when you can completely black it out forever?”

Similar to scribbling someone’s name down surrounded by little hearts, then realizing how weird you are for doing so and violently crossing it out with black sharpie, blackout tattoos are the same thing. Except, on your body. Forever.

While this method is primarily used to cover up old tats, “negative lines still show through,” according to Chester Lee, a Singapore tattoo artist blowing up on Instagram thanks to posts of his blackout work.

What’s even more terrifying is that some people aren’t getting blackout tattoos to cover up the shitty tat of their high school ex’s name, but because they actually like the way it looks and are willing to sit hours on end to completely cover their skin in black ink. I feel like at that point lazer removal is a pretty equal alternative, but okay.

Why you would intentionally want your limbs to look necrotic, I don’t know. Also, where do people with blackout tattoos work that they can get away with looking like a dementor every day?



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