Black Lemonade is Now a Thing

So you know those annoying “fitness” bloggers or those even more annoying AF “healthy bloggers”? Well, don’t always trust everything they post. The latest trend that has been cropping up on Insta and Pinterest is this mysterious “black lemonade”, you may have even seen it at your local juice bar recently too. Well, don’t be fooled, surprisingly the hipsters that run the juice bar or the geniuses who blog, aren’t certified nutritionists after all. (Shocking, I know.)

Long story short, the black lemonade is harmless and possibly helpful in small quantities, but do not start drinking it with every meal.

Made with lemon juice, sweetener, water and something called “activated charcoal,” many people are claiming it is a “cure-all” detox drink. However, it is relatively untested, and when Buzzfeed talked to a real doctor, they found out that, while the charcoal may help to take some toxins out of your body, it may take other things with it, like things that you need, i.e. nutrients or medication. I know we all like a good fitness trend, but do your research first before you start drinking this stuff by the gallon.


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