Black Friday Sales Were Really Shitty This Year

If you decided to stay in bed instead of going Black Friday shopping this year, you’re not alone. Reports are saying that Black Friday sales this year were down more than a billion dollars from last year, which is like a shitload of discounted flatscreen TVs. Last year, stores made $11.6 billion on Black Friday, but this year that number fell to $10.4 billion, so like, yikes. Because this number only counts sales from actual stores, we have a feeling that more people are just deciding to shop online, because why the fuck would you risk getting punched at the mall when literally the entire J. Crew website is 40% off and your sweaters will be delivered to your front door. That’s just literally common sense. We’ll have to wait until next year to figure out if these terrible sales actually make the stores change anything, but we’d totally be down for better deals, so @Nordstrom please let us know as soon as you decide.


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