Blac Chyna Visited Rob Kardashian In The Hospital, Love Isn’t Dead

It’s been a rough few weeks for Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s relationship, but it looks like they’re not quite ready to move on. Earlier this week, Rob checked himself into the hospital because he was having issues related to his diabetes. Sources say that Chyna was stressing him into overeating and gaining weight (we’re not sure if this is true but it’s kind of hilarious either way) so he was in “medical distress.”

Within a couple hours, our favorite ex-stripper Blac Chyna rolled up to the emergency room. Mama Kris and boyfriend Corey weren’t far behind, because honestly if a Kardashian is in the hospital and at least three more don’t come with, did it even happen? We’re not sure how Kris and Chyna feel about each other right now, but we have to imagine that’s a pretty awkward elevator ride.

Rob got released from the hospital the next morning, so it probably wasn’t that serious. Tbh maybe it was really just a test to see if Chyna still cared enough to show up. Given the shit that this couple has put us through in the past year, we really wouldn’t be surprised. No word on how baby Dream feels about all this, but we’re sure she’s already got some nice emotional scars from her psycho parents.

Happy New Year, Rob and Chyna, now please get your shit together.


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