Birkin Bags Being Returned Because They Smell Like Weed

Birkin Bags, the true sign you've whipped a bro into shape, have been the hallmark of womanhood for decades. One of our fav members of the lucky sperm club Logan Huntzberger gave one to undeserving nice girl Rory Gilmore. Samantha Jones lied to Hermes that the bag was for Lucy Lu in order to get her hands on one. I could list the celebrities who have Birkins until I'm blue in the face. But now, people have sent back their bags because they smell like weed. Yeah, like Hermes hot boxed their bags. Apparently, something went wrong with the leather. When the bags are in the sun for too long they start smelling like joints. Hermes is super embarrassed about the whole thing and is desperately trying to pull it together. Somebody has to get fired over this, probably the kid who went to art school.




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