Bindi Irwin Has To Prove Her Dad is Dead

If you stopped watching Dancing With the Stars in 2006 like everyone else, you might have missed that Bindi Irwin, the 17-year-old daughter of The Crocodile Hunter, is competing this season. She’s done well in her first few weeks, even earning a perfect score for one of her dances with the weirdly famous Derek Hough. Well, her hopes to win have hit a bump in the road, because a judge has said that her minor’s contract isn’t legal unless she can prove that her dad is dead. Wait, what?

We don’t even pay attention to the news that much, and we like vividly remember when Steve Irwin died. It was, like, a big deal, and there was a goddamn video of the stingray stabbing him in the heart. Clearly this judge was never a fan of his hit TV show. It sounds like this won’t actually stop Bindi from competing on the show, but it’s definitely a little fucked up.


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