You MUST SEE This Video of Billy Eichner Making Fun of Bros

Billy Eichner, also known as the guy that yells things at unsuspecting NY civilians for his TruTV series “Billy on the Streets”, has just made fun of bros everywhere, and it’s the realest thing you’ll see all day/week/year. Tbh I immediately emailed this to all the lacrosse players from my alma mater who now “work” in “finance”, drink alcohol with the word “craft” in it, and use the same profile pic for both their LinkedIn and Tinder.

Anyway, watch Eichner and guest star (Olivia Wilde’s bae, Jason Sudeikis), bro the fuck out while they wear backwards hats and get aggressively excited about Broadway musicals.



If you didn’t laugh when Eichner asked that rando guy if he crushed it or killed it in 2015, then fuck your sense of humor. 


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