Bill Murray Is (Maybe) Running For President

Move over, Kanye—there’s a new celebrity presidential hopeful in town. Everyone’s favorite comedian and old person, Bill Murray announced he’s running for president at a rally in South Carolina over the weekend. The rally, which an estimated 100,000 people attended, reportedly had a wine tasting and karaoke stages, in case we needed any extra convincing that Bill Murray is our kind of president.

Apparently Bill announced his run a week ago but I guess I’ve been drunk since then bc this is the first I’m hearing about it. Really not sure if this is just a giant troll, an internet hoax, or the plot of Bill’s next movie, but I got this info from ABC News and not The Onion, so that’s got to mean something, right? Whatever this is, I’m on board. Also, I would just like to point out that there actually was a movie where a comedian becomes President of the U.S.; it was called Man of the Year and it starred Robin Williams (RIP) and I was one of the 7 people that saw it—so maybe this could be a real thing? You know what they say, life imitates art, right? Maybe if Bill Murray became the next President, the other countries in the world would be laughing with us and not at us, for a change. Or maybe not. IDK. Regardless, Bill Murray for President 2016! ‘Murray-ca! 


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