Bikini Trends for Summer 2014

Here are the bikinis you should be wearing this summer based on bikini trend info we aggregated from fashion mags. Some of the trends are chic, some are fugly, but let's be honest, regardless of what's chic at the moment you're still going to end up wearing the smallest bikini you find. 

Slutty Lines and Cut Outs 


On the left is AnnaLynne McCord in a really hot bathing suit that will make her tan lines look like she had a wild night with her boyfriend and their whip. To the right we have bikini guru Kylie Jenner in Mikoh's Sunset Bandeau and Kapalua bottoms. You'll see more of her in this post because she wears everything I want to own. 

High Waisted Bottoms and Boustier Tops


Who better to represent the high waisted bottom trend than the girl who loves wearing shit that accentuates her lankiness. We're obviously talking about Tay on the left in Topshop. On the right, Kylie, again, in the Big Wave bikini bottoms from Kaohs. 

Sporty Spice Rash Guard 

We're seeing these everywhere and unless you're Soul Surfer we really don't fucking get it. This is Beyonce in Karla Colletto's Rash Guard. I have mixed feelings about the words Rash Guard. 



Now this is the kind of shit we love. No weird tan lines, push up tops, and a chic material. Let a betch tan. Kylie obviously on the left in Triangl's New York Noir and Nicole Richie on the right in the Lisa Marie Fernandez Genevieve Bikini in Gold Rubber Neoprene

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