How To Look Like You’ve Had Lip Injections, But Like, In A Good Way

So ICYMI, big lips are en vogue. Thanks to the marketing team behind Juvederm, anyone related to/in general proximity of the Kardashians, misogyny, and maybe even a little casual racism, women are inflating their lips with some random and possibly toxic substances. But, don’t worry. While beauty is mostly all about pain and trying to look like other people, there are ways around cosmetic procedures. Here’s how to make it look like you’ve had lip injections even though you totally haven’t because holy shit—just googled it and Juvederm is shockingly expensive.

1. Exfoliate Your Lips

Exfoliate your lips with a simple salt or sugar scrub before you get ready. Sure, the plumping effect only lasts for a small amount of time, but so does someone’s first impression of you.

2. Use A Lip Plumping Device

This is not a joke or drill. There are devices out there that use the *advanced technology* of suctioning to bring the blood flow to your lips and make them puff out. The effects are also short-lived, but the embarrassment for owning one is not. Whatever you do, don’t end up like one of the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge casualties.

3. Apply An Enhancing Serum or Balm

After you exfoliate, pop on a volume enhancing serum for your lips, like this one by Lancer because it’s hydrating and doesn’t look like a goopy mess when applied. Plain old cinnamon oil also works because it’s an irritant. Which is pretty fucked up, but whatever.

4. Overline Them

Don’t go crazy, but use a nude lip liner that matches your natural lip color and line your lips about 1-2mm—I REPEAT, ONE TO TWO MILLIMETERS—outside of their natural demarkation.

5. Put Highlighter Above Your Cupid’s Bow

To create the illusion that there’s more light hitting it, and that it is therefore larger and less sad.

6. And In The Center Of Your Bottom Lip

To create the illusion that it’s rounder, and that it is therefore larger, and you—as a person—are also less sad. 


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