Bieber Just Dropped Music Videos For His Entire Album!

Sorry kids, but you will not be getting a “head start” on that problem set today. The Biebs just dropped music videos for all his songs on his new album!

I particularly like the neon-centricness of the vid for “What Do You Mean?”. But, watch out for the “Life if Worth Living” one because it will def take away the “Where are you now?” high, it is deep AF, especially by Biebs standards—filled with all that interpretive-dancing-feels shit. 

Here they are in order, you’re welcome. 

1. Mark My Words


2. I’ll Show You


3. What Do You Mean? 


4. Sorry


5. Love Yourself


6. Company


7. No pressure


8. No Sense


9. The Feeling


10. Life Is Worth Living


11. Where Are You Now?


12. Children

13. Purpose


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