How To Get Beyonce’s Possibly Offensive Coldplay Music Video Look

ICYMI, Coldplay casually dropped a new music video with Beyonce for the all together kind-of-forgettable, but will-most-likely-be-super-over-hyped, “Hymn For The Weekend.” Basically there’s a lot of Chris Martin looking sad/consciously uncoupling with India, and then Beyonce waving her henna tattooed hands in intricate motions whilst wearing various headpieces. The internet has already been set ablaze with debates on whether or not Beyonce’s face chain should be considered offensive, but it’s pretty much 100% undebatable that she looks hot as fuck. So if you want to try and mimic some of the Queen’s borderline inappropriate vibes, keep reading.

Bey’s first look is much chiller than her second. A smokey eye, some navy blue liner, and a deep purple lip. If you’re feeling yourself feeling this lip, try Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Deep Aubergine ($26) or Urban Decay Matte Lipstick in Blackmail ($22).

OR if you’re looking to really up your Coachella game this year, try Bey’s second look on for size.

To get a gold, metallic lip take an eyeshadow like Make Up For Ever’s Metal Powder in Sunflower Gold ($23) and mix it with vaseline. Then apply with a lip brush, add some henna tattoos, a heavy looking headpiece, and get ready to defend yourself against cultural appropriation. All in the name of music. 


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