Beyonce Releases 11 Minute YouTube Video Where She Cries About Her Life

Beyonce just released an 11 minute movie on youtube to celebrate her one year anniversary of breaking the Internet (sorry Kim). Tbh the whole video is kind of a massive pity party full of backdoor compliments, but if you expected anything else then you don't know shit about Beyonce. She covers a lot of topics: marriage, motherhood, fame, feminism blah blah blah. Best parts of the video are when Bey cries on camera (taking bets on how many times she rehearsed that) and when Blue Ivy shows up (it's always a nice ego boost to see how much she looks like Jay-Z).

So like, take a break from whatever you're doing, pour yourself a glass (or bottle, fuck yeah it's Friday) of wine, and immerse yourself in the power of self-involvement, celebrity, and above average artistic ability.




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