Beyoncé’s Formation Lyrics Caused a Hike In Red Lobster Sales

ICYMI Beyonce dropped a new video for her song Formation this weekend, and everyone lost what little chill they still had. It was like a religious experience for Twitter. She then performed the song in a life-altering Super Bowl performance that Bruno Mars somehow didn’t ruin. Formation includes the lyric that you should probably get embroidered on a throw pillow: “When he fucks me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster.”

Well apparently Red Lobster’s revenue on Super Bowl sunday increased 33% from the previous year. I’m not sure if that’s because a lot of girls had mind blowing sex or because men think they’re sex gods. The CEO of Red Lobster publicly thanked Beyonce for mobilizing the Bey Hive by renaming their Cheddar Bay Biscuits to Cheddar Bey Biscuits. At this point, Beyonce could tell people what stock to buy and which Presidential candidate to vote for and they’d do it no questions asked. 


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