Beyonce is Still Trying to Help Jay Z Save Tidal

So Tidal is like the Hulu of music streaming companies, but Jay-Z and a bunch of other musicians invested a shit ton of money in it, so he’s really trying to save it. Stop trying to make Tidal happen, it is never going to happen. Well last week, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj performed “Feeling Myself” for the first time at a Tidal event. Like, Jay-Z is basically selling access to Beyonce for subscriptions at this point.

So Beyonce Instagrammed a video of her and Nicki rehearsing the world’s hottest staring contest. Apparently, at the end of the performance, they stare each other down. Seriously, being in a room with the two of them just isn’t even fair. Like they’re regulation hotties with beyond-successful careers, long-term relationships, and walk in heels like they’re Rainbow flip flops. #Goals.

I was almost tempted to pay the equivalent of 4 non-fat, no-foam, grande lattes to watch this performance, but then I realized I could probably find a sped up version on YouTube, and the moment passed. 


Ice Grill

Let’s see who cracks first…

Posted by Beyoncé on Monday, October 26, 2015



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