Beyoncé’s Visual Album Lemonade (AKA Suck It Jay Z!): A Review

 I know everyone’s really mad at Jay Z for cheating on the Queen (whatta loser lol), but I’d like to dedicate this post to him. Because without Jay—and Becky with her stupid fucking good hair—we wouldn’t have been gifted the magic, the miracle that was Beyoncé’s hour-long visual album, Lemonade.

Beyoncé “you ain’t married to no average bitch, boy” Knowles starred in (and directed some of) the best movie you’ll probably see this year. Each song is bookended by Bey’s spoken word poetry and one of these labels: Intuition, Denial, Apathy, Reformation, Forgiveness, Hope, Redemption. One minute Bey’s in a field, the next minute she has a bat, Serena Williams shows up giving everyone the bird, an even Jay Z—yes, Jay Z has an appearance towards the end. I imagine that convo to be something like:

Bey: I’m going to make a beautiful movie about how much you fucked up.
Jay Z: Babe, don’t.
Bey: The world will pretty much hate you after it lol.
Jay Z: Babe, don’t.
Bey: And then you’re going to be in it.
Jay Z: Babe.
Bey: *Silence*

Jay Z: Ok fine, put it on Tidal though.

Anyway, Bey’s angry, as she should be, and that’s pretty much what Lemonade is about. But there’s also strong undercurrents of feminism and black female empowerment, stunning imagery, and a legit recipe for what sounds like some actual bomb-ass lemonade. Take an hour out of your day to watch it already because it’s a fucking masterpiece. All hail the Queen, BOY BYE. 


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