Beyoncé Has An Activewear Line, Prepare To Go Broke

Sorry Rihanna, but Beyoncé is having the best 2016 of all time. Not only did she release new music and announce a world tour, but Beyoncé’s athleisure clothing line is set to go on sale on April 14th. So when your parents start asking you why you maxed out the credit card, just send them a link to Beyoncé’s website.

The line is called Ivy Park, which is also what Bey will rename Central Park to when she becomes President of the United States. It looks like a combination of LuLuLemon, Calvin Klein, and Rocawear. She models most of the clothes herself in the promo video, because she knows we’ll buy overpriced leggings if we think we can look like Beyoncé. Too bad the same marketing technique didn’t work for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. 


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