Stop The Presses: Beyoncé Has A Hot Cousin

Step aside, Queen Bey? Definitely GTFO, Kim K. Beyoncé’s cousin is breaking the fucking Internet.


Celebrating the life of Uncle Skip! #ripuncleskip

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Kristin Douglas, pictured above with her sister and Beyoncé, has stopped the Instagram scroll and misdirected blood flow for men everywhere after posing in this blue wrap-dress. Good genetics, obvi. I mean, honestly, how do you even amass that much size in your ass while maintaining a waist like that? It’s not fair, damnit.

In the 24 hours since posting the picture, her followers have jumped up by 18,000 (Uncle Skip, you died for a good cause. RIP). Methinks this surge in followers has more to do with Kristin’s lady lumps than Beyoncé’s cameo. Just a theory.

Check out more of Kristin’s Instagrams if you’re feeling this girl crush like we are. And for the record, you should be, because she’s a prettier and probably less siliconed version of she-who-must-not-be-named (*cough* Kim Kardashian).


Happy Thanksgiving from me and my doll baby!! #ajiarenea #thanksgiving2015 #mermaids #motherdaughter

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Today may be the last day of #taurusseason but May is still my month. Sooooo continue sending my gifts!! #mermaidlife #taurusrules

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I have to switch it up sometimes! When the weather permits it…smh #whosecurlsmycurls #mixedchicsprobs #curlyhair

A photo posted by Kristin Douglas (@simplykristinmd) on


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