The Beyhive Mistook Rachael Ray For Rachel Roy

You’ve had two days so I’m only assuming you’ve watched Beyoncé’s musical and visual masterpiece Lemonade on HBO Go or TIDAL or illegally because on what planet have you not already learned all the words to this hate-filled cinematic experience?  As part of the Beyhive, I’m sure you’ve already used “Becky with the good hair” as an insult to describe some slut’s photo that your boyfriend claimed he doesn’t remember liking.  Well, while we can’t confirm who Beyoncé’s “Becky” is, her fans are making the assumption that it’s Rachel Roy.

Roy, a fashion designer who is the ex-wife of Jay Z’s former partner Damon Dash, obviously has a similar name to a different, yet in my opinion, way more famous Rachael. Beyoncé’s fans have confused Rachel Roy (alleged side chick) with Rachael Ray (annoyingly peppy chef).  According to Us Weekly, “Unfortunately, some members of the Beyhive swarmed to the wrong Rach.  The 30 Minute Meals host’s Instagram comments quickly filled up with lemon and bee emojis, in addition to some pretty nasty messages.” If you ask me, if any of her fans read just a little more closely instead of jumping to all sorts of conclusions erroneously, this whole thing probably could have been avoided. Like, I get it, you love Beyoncé (as do I and as do most other breathing things on this planet) and would probably have fought Jay Z in an elevator so even Solange wouldn’t break a nail just because she and Beyoncé have the same last name, but you guys need to find the smallest amount of chill.

Eventually Queen B’s “fans caught onto their mistake and begged the others to leave Ray alone. ‘Stop coming for poor Rachael Ray,’…’She just wants to make brunch she’s not Rachel Roy.’” 


Hopefully this was said while crying underneath a blanket fort à la Chris Crocker, but I digress.


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