Beyoncé Day Is Now A Thing In Minnesota, Time To Move To Minnesota

Minnesota governor Mark Dayton was so grateful to Beyoncé for visiting his lame flyover state that he named a holiday after her. Shortly before she was set to perform in Minneapolis on Monday, Dayton announced that May 23 would officially be Beyoncé Day. He wrote a proclamation stating, “Beyoncé’s impact and success has been widely recognized” and that she’s “influenced many young girls and women with powerful, positive messages in her songs.” What he meant to say was, “Seriously, thank you so much for coming here. I was shocked when I heard we were a stop on your Lemonade tour. It’s not too late to back out. We’d understand.”

Many Minnesotans have been outraged in response to Beyoncé Day, especially in light of the fact that Minnesota native Prince has not received the same honor. While we all dearly love and miss Prince, let’s remember that there’s also such a thing as National Crouton Day (May 13) so everyone should probably chill the fuck out.

No word yet from Beyoncé on how thrilled she is to be recognized by the Minnesota state government. Obviously. 


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