The Beyonce Dance Class You’ve All Been Waiting For: GYST

1 word: OMG. Technically three but in our world it’s one. We heard about this dance class via Hannah Bronfman’s instagram and we were like hold up, there is a dance class in New York City that teaches you Beyonce choreography to Beyonce songs while also giving you a work out? We did serious instagram investigation as all betches should know how to do and found the class online and signed up immediately. There was obviously a waiting list but, we don’t wait on lines.

The Deets:

Broadway Bodies is a dance class company that offers dance classes to Broadwayish shit like Glee and Michael Jackson music, but then there’s the Beyonce class which was totally our scene. Bey’s class is held on Mondays 8-9pm at Chelsea Studios* and Wednesdays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm at Pearl Studios*. Class costs $20. There’s a waiting list but the instructor told us it’s sorta BS and you can like, call them or something. IDK like I said, if we want something, we don’t wait for it.

*Chelsea Studios: 151 West 26th Street
*Pearl Studios: 500 8th Ave

Click here for the Schedule

Was It a good workout?

Like, not really. It probs depends on the song that’s chosen for your class. For ours we did End of Time which involved a lot of repetitive squatting and I was definitely sweaty because you’re moving a lot, but it’s nowhere near the 305 workout, but like 338283 times more fun because it involved actual choreography and made you feel like you were in that scene of Center Stage when Jodi does that extra curricular dance class.

Do you have to be a dancer?

I MEAN it would help. If you’re soooo awkward it’s okay, but it’s probably a little frustrating when the people around you are doing body rolls and what you’re doing looks more like a slow acting seizure. However, no one is profesh there except the instructor so it’s really okay, and only mildly embarrassing, which if you are a real betch, is also okay.

Are you going to be sore the next day?

Emotionally, because you want to do the dance all day in your apartment but can only remember half the moves.

Locker Room Cleanliness

No locker rooms, just put our bags on the side.

Music Quality

I’ll say it again…I MEAN. It’s Bey, not even question.

Is the Instructor Actually skinny?

Our instructor was this guy who was definitely fit, but more importantly he was an amazing dancer. And was like really fucking good. And really funny. And was really good at all the Single Ladies moves.

How in Shape do you have to be?

Not really in shape at all. More about being mentally in shape because you’ll have more fun if you don’t give a shit what anyone thinks and actually learn all the moves.

Would you go back?


General Thoughts /Feelings /Concerns:

We liked the class, could you tell? It started off with Single Ladies as a warm up and we could totally keep up, which was unexpected. Then we went straight into the End of Time dance which was confusing because we didn’t know any of the moves, but then he broke it down move by move after so you kind of new what to expect, making the first run through actually really helpful.

The ONE problem we had with the class was that the instructor didn’t seem to give a shit that half the entire class was like squished in the back, and everyone was like, sort of stepping on each other's feet. Like, I had a muted / passive aggressive quarrel with one girl for a spot in front of the mirror. I obvi won.

Oh also, don’t count on meeting guys during class. The ones in ours were def hot, but they were all def gay. Duh.


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