New Beyonce And Coldplay Song On Track To Be Hottest Single Of 2006

While it’s pretty well accepted that Adele has surpassed Beyonce in the “Singer Who Girls are Weirdly Obsessed With” category, my sources tell me that her numbers are still strong in national polls of “Celebrities Whose Mention is Most Likely to Elicit a Response of ‘YASSSSS’.” And then there’s Coldplay, that band everyone knows for… conscious uncoupling, or something? Idk. Anyway, Coldplay is working on a new album called A Head Full of Dreams, and they’ve been leaking song snippets of their songs on Instagram. One, called “Hymn for the Weekend” features vocals from The Artist Formerly Known as Queen Bey herself:


A video posted by Coldplay (@coldplay) on


They’re steadily releasing snippets, it seems, so follow them on Instagram and check them out as they come, if you have absolutely nothing better to do with your life.


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