Beyonce And Blue Ivy ARE Our Mother Daughter Goals

First of all, anything Beyonce does warrants #Goals. Not only is she completely gorg and talented and rich AF, but she is also married to someone equally as baller, which means that their baby is literally god. But in perfect Bey fashion, she manages to even take motherhood to the next level. Her matching outfits with Blue Ivy are just—I can’t even.

This photo shoot proves that she is literally Queen B and that Blue Ivy is the Royal Baby of this side of the Atlantic. And I’m pretty sure that Beyonce is the only mom out there who can match her bathing suit to her daughter’s and not look Kris-Jenner-desperate. 

Beyonce is the queen and we are all just mortals, all we can do is pay respect to her by trying to not look basic when we sing along to her songs in the car.


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