Beyonce and Adele Have A Drunken Heart-to-Heart

Beyonce and Adele are besties now, kind of like how the cheerleader is friends with the chubby girl who has a great personality. So Rachel and Monica circa 1986. In terms of playlists, Beyonce is the pregame and Adele is the break up. What do they even talk about at dinner – the difference in their album sales? Maybe they've bonded over their new “hair styles”. Beyonce's “I cut them myself” bangs and Adele's “my dad did my hair this morning before preschool” could spawn some great conversation. But also, Adele's eyebrow game is on point so I guess she's doing okay. This just means that Beyonce is officially trying to replace Gwyneth Paltrow as her betchy friend.




Source: eOnline


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