How To Be Better At Staying Single If You’re A Serial Monogamist

If you’re a serial monogamist, you know how hard it is to stay single. It sounds like a humblebrag, and maybe it kind of is, but it’s never more than a few months after a breakup before you basically fall in love again.  Even though when you finally become single, you tell your friends that you can’t wait to just be single for like, a year, something always happens that makes you decide to get back in a relationship.

Not that there’s anything wrong with being in a relationship, but being single is important and tbh very fun. Eventually we all end up in long term relationships (hopefully) but your youth is the time for you to like chill and not take your love life so seriously. The reason you’re always jumping back into relationships after a breakup is probably because the hole of your long term ex is just too easy to fill. You’ve made the space in your life for a relationship, and when it disappears, another person comes along and fills it. But you can totally end the cycle.

There are two ways of being single. One way is the perpetual single nice girl who is like alone and only single because she can’t find a boyfriend. Not desirable. The other one, however, is being single because you’re like, not ready for anything serious yet. This type of single is the way bros consider themselves when they’re single – they can date anyone they want with no strings attached. For betches, being single and dating doesn’t mean you’re not looking for anything, but everyone you date could potentially be a long term relationship. And that’s pretty exciting.

The best way to stay single is to keep your distance. There’s obviously a reason you’re always in relationships – it’s because you’re a fucking catch and when a new bro meets you in your rare state of being single, they want you all to themselves. Don’t fall for the trap of a relationship just because a bro thinks he deserves your time. You should take your time before jumping back into another exhausting relationship.  No bro is going to stop seeing you just because you tell them you don’t want anything serious.

Therefore, while you’re dating in your new single-dom, make it clear you’re not on the hunt for your next roommate. You’re just looking to have fun and see where things go. And don’t feel bad for not committing, as long as you’re being honest with everyone you date. 

Serial monogamists don’t like to be alone, only because they’re used to being in a relationship. But if most of your life is spent in relationships, the chance of actually finding “The One” are slimmer, since you’re less likely to be looking. The longer you stay single while in your twenties, the more likely you are to meet someone that’s actually a good match for you.

More than likely you’re so incredible that bros just want to date you as soon as they sleep with you, but what do you get out of it? If you’re a serial monogamist that’s recently out of a breakup, give yourself a year to stay single, and if you meet a bro you want to date a few months in, he’ll still be there months from then. 


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