Bethenny Frankel Finally Divorced Her Fuckboy Husband

I’m a self-diagnosed Bravoholic. I mean, look at my name for Christ’s sake. From Vanderpump Rules to WWHL to every single Real Housewives franchise, even Dallas (sadly), I watch all of it fucking constantly. And even though all of it is beyond amazing, Bethenny Frankel might just be the best thing Andy Cohen and all his TV genius has given us.

Bethenny Frankel I Get It Gif

For one, she’s fucking hilarious. Probably because she’s actually smart and can put together a sarcastic insult without her brain exploding from thinking too hard. She’s also rich AF because she came up with the brilliant idea to bottle margaritas that won’t make you fat and turned it into an entire brand—she kind of stole our dream and ran with it, but props nonetheless. Her life seems pretty solid except for one thing: Her deadbeat husband, who she’s been trying to divorce for almost FOUR YEARS. But as of yesterday, shit’s officially over. Yay! Divorce party in the Hamptons!

Bethenny Frankel Treat Yourself

The terms are confidential, and out of respect for her ex, Bethenny isn’t commenting, blah blah blah, but one thing’s for sure. Bethenny’s fucking pumped. So now instead of worrying about her stupid ex not moving out of their apartment and threatening to “destroy her” and other petty shit, Bethenny can focus on what’s important. Like her new banker boyfriend, making money, and slaying Luann on Real Housewives. To celebrate, I’m trading my standard sav b for SkinnyGirl to get me through tonight’s episode. The B is back.

Bethenny Frankel If You Can't Handle The Truth


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