Betchy Linguistics: Hair Flip Emoji

Believe it or not, all betches have a mutual friend in common (and no, she's not from camp). I'm talking about the one and only Hair Flip emoji, and homegurl is the shit. Technically her name is Information Desk girl, but we'll just ignore that because she clearly gives zero fucks about her job.

On her own, Hair Flip emoji is pretty boss. She wears pink every day (no exceptions) and always has a sparkle in her eye like her Molly just hit. She's also the kind of girl that will dance anytime, anywhere. I'd like to think that she's always on an elevated surface, although this is obvi cropped out.

More importantly, Hair Flip emoji is there to emphasize how much we win at life. Somehow, she always knows just what to say in our texts:

You: “Just got a mani”
Hair Flip emoji implies: “Because I'm amazing and I deserve everything this world has to offer.

You: “Hot bro from last weekend texted me first”
Hair Flip emoji implies: “Because literally duh look at me.

You: “Promotion = mine.”
Hair Flip emoji implies: “IS THERE NOTHING I CAN'T DO?

Some people get confused about the difference between her and salsa dancer, another fun, but slightly less sassy choice. Allow me to clarify. Salsa dancer is appropriate for when you're sharing a fun moment with a friend, i.e. “Can't wait for your party tonight (salsa dancer),” whereas Hair flip emoji is literally all about YOU. Yes, YOU.

If Hair Flip emoji isn't in your recents, it's probably a good time to reevaluate your life choices. She's something every betch should use in her vocabulary and use often: a symbol of how fucking fabulous we are.

So with that being said, Hair Flip emoji, twirl, bai.


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