Betchy Flight Attendant Fired For Stealing 1,500 Mini Bottles of Alcohol

Real talk: The only thing that makes first class better than coach is the free drinks (and the feeling that you’re superior to everyone else behind the curtain #suckstosuck). Well, one flight attendant totally agrees, because she’s just been arrested for stealing those adorable mini bottles of alcohol from the planes she, well, attended. However, she didn’t just steal one or two…betch stole 1,500 of them (allegedly). Literally my spirit animal (allegedly).

Unfortunately, the cool part of the story ends there. Rachel Trevor, a flight attendant from Memphis, Tennessee stole these bottles not because she was throwing a rager, but so she could sell them on Craigslist.

Seriously? They’re, like, $1 at any liquor store. Trust me, I would know. One time I got one for free for returning some extra change the cashier had given me. It was the best reward for such a selfless deed and the only time I could afford Grey Goose during my college days.

Anyway, Trevor worked for an affiliate of Delta Airlines called Endeavor Air (????) and would reportedly wait until everyone had vacated the plane to snag those little bottles of joy. Buzzfeed reports,“Authorities said that Trevor allegedly would wait until a flight was over, and then sneak the 50-milliliter bottles into her bag. She swiped bottles of rum, gin, and whiskey, among others…Trevor then allegedly took the bottles home, where she listed them on Craigslist for $1 each. The bottles cost $8 each onboard the plane.”

So, really, besides bringing some much-needed attention to how overpriced the only decent inflight entertainment is, Trevor only accomplished getting herself fired from some no-name airline and having a really unfortunate mugshot.

At least her eyebrows aren’t completely unfortunate, a tad uneven, but I’ve 100% seen worse.

We’ll take a shot for you Rach—they probs don’t have alcohol in convenient mini bottles in prison.


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