Betchy Breakdown: Gigi Vs. Bella Hadid

Next Monday is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which is basically our Super Bowl. This year is special because the show is in Paris, but also because it’s the first time that both Gigi and Bella Hadid will be walking in the show together. We love the Hadid sisters, but we decided it’s time to look at the facts and decide which sister is betchier.


Bella Hadid The Weeknd

Both sisters have done pretty well in the relationship department. After dating Cody Simpson and Joe Jonas in the past, Gigi has spent 2016 with Zayn Malik, who is definitely the hottest One Direction member. Good work, Gigi. Bella, on the other hand, just ended her relationship with The Weeknd. They were together for almost two years, which is like, a decade in model years.


Bad Blood

Gigi is a top-tier member of Taylor Swift’s squad, and her “Bad Blood” alter ego is “Slay-Z.” We hate that a lot, but she’s also best friends with Kendall Jenner so we can’t be mad. Bella is mostly friends with rando hot models, which we respect but like, Hailey Baldwin cannot be that much fun to hang out with.


Bella and Gigi Hadid

Both Hadid girls are basically killing the game, but Gigi is definitely more of a household name. This year, Bella landed a contract with Dior, but Gigi got a cover of American Vogue which is basically peaking.


Gigi Hadid working out

Both sisters were athletic when they were younger. Gigi was the captain of her high school volleyball team, which sounds pretty terrible except for the spandex. Bella was an equestrian (horseback riding, if you’re poor) who might have gone to the Olympics if she didn’t get lyme disease. Ouch.


Bella Hadid

No supermodel’s career is complete without controversy. Gigi’s only real controversy was her dumb Melania Trump joke at the AMAs. Bella, on the other hand, got a DUI back in 2014 when she was only 17, and had to do community service and go to AA meetings. Betches love drinking, but call a fucking Uber.

Winner: Gigi

Gigi Hadid

It’s gotta be Gigi. Both ladies are certified betches, but Gigi has the squad, the bros, and the magazine covers. You can pregame with us anytime.


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