Betchy Athlete Of The Week: Michael Phelps

Betches, listen up. We are literally witnessing the greatest Olympian to ever live in the pinnacle of his career.

And if that shit doesn’t interest you, he looks fucking good without a shirt on, so whatever. Introducing our betchy athlete of the week: Michael Phelps.


I couldn’t resist but to #repost my #mancrusheveryday this is his official racing suit for #rio #superhero #proudfiancee #boomersdaddy

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Michael Phelps has racked up 21 Olympic Gold Medals and 25 Olympic Medals overall. So 21 out of the 25 times he’s ever competed in the Olympics, he’s won gold. So casual.

Michael Phelps

It may seem like Michael has been around forever, because he basically has. He’s only 31 years old, but this is his fifth Olympics. So yeah, we’ve been hearing about him nonstop since he was 15.

Michael Phelps Ryan Lochte

A few things have changed since Phelps first splashed the Olympic pool. Most notably, he grew into his lanky limbs and became really attractive.


Happy #NationalJerkyDay! I’m pumped to be part of @kravejerky and continue to #KRAVEbetter in everything I do! #teamKRAVE

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Like, really attractive.

He’s also passed on his Olympic genes to an adorable baby boy named Boomer (with his own Instagram) who’s actually in Rio to support daddy Michael.


I’m ready to see some more fast swimming!!Go get em daddy!!! Go get em USA!!! #usa #rio2016

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Andddd in more depressing news, he’s also engaged to the mother of Boomer and former Miss California, Nicole Johnson.


#tbt of my better half and I …. Love you!!!

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Michael has cleaned up his act since his days of partying and smoking weed in public. But we’ll never forget where you came from, Michael.

Michael Phelps Partying

A win for Michael Phelps is a win for America. And Betches love America. Keep doing your thing, Michael.


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