Betchy Athlete of the Week: Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel hasn't ever started a game for the Cleveland Browns. But he doesn't have to start to be the most well-known player on his team. He's a rookie with a bigger ego than most Super Bowl winners. He hangs out with celebrities and models, and can show up to games hungover on Sundays because he doesn't have to play.

Johnny “Money” Manziel is the betchy athlete of the week.

Johnny makes headlines literally every week. This Sunday, he was the subject of a fight at his apartment complex in Cleveland. Some bro came at Johnny and one of his groupies, and Johnny punched him in the face. But no one in Cleveland is punishing him because he's Johnny fucking Manziel.

He's dating a betch named Colleen Crowley, a rich girl from Texas who seems to do nothing but party and take hot pictures.

He hangs out with Drake, Floyd Mayweather, and LeBron James. And he makes sure you know about this by posting pictures to his Instagram of them clubbing and dropping thousands for bottle service.

Manziel was a football sensation in college at Texas A&M and was briefly suspended for allegations that he took money to play. Which breaks the rules. Which we're totally sure that he did. Because he returned from his suspension and flashed the money sign to the crowd. Ballsy as hell. But he had already won the Heisman, and goes by the nickname Johnny Football so like he's kind of untouchable.

Johnny Manziel is never going to be the most well-liked player in the NFL. Lots of people hate him, actually. But everyone wants to be him. So this week's betchy athlete of the week goes to the Regina George of the NFL. Everyone else can go shave their backs now. 


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