Betchocracy 2016: Poll Dancing

This week, the main story was obviously Sunday’s horrific shooting in Orlando. It was an opportunity for Democrats to reassert their positions on gun control legislation, and for Republicans to look like stubborn idiots by claiming that guns aren’t a problem. Don’t you love America?


Donald Trump raised quite a few eyebrows this week when he claimed that Obama is sympathetic with Islamic Extremist terror groups. Like, it’s one thing to claim that’s Barack’s a Muslim on the DL, but it’s another thing entirely to suggest he’s in bed with ISIS. Not to mention there’s literally no evidence of this.


Past polls have shown Clinton and Trump in a pretty tight race, but a new poll done by Bloomberg this week suggests that the gap between the two has widened. The poll shows Hillary with a 12-point lead over Trump, which is definitely the largest she’s had in a national poll. Trump also has a super high unfavorable rating, which must mean that some people still have brains. Things are looking good for Hillary right now, but we also have to remember that the electoral college is fucked up and literally anything can happen.


Bernie and Hillary had a meeting earlier this week, and many expected that afterward he would drop out of the race officially. Nope. Like that huge zit you get right before formal, he’s not going anywhere until he’s good and ready. It’s not entirely clear what his motives are here, but he must know he’s not actually going to win the nomination. He said this week that defeating Trump is the top priority, so like vote for Hillary like the rest of us.


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