In case you’ve been on a deserted island and the only thing you brought with you is the Betches app, we’ve got big news: Hillary is the Democratic nominee!  That’s right, what we all saw coming a few months/eight years ago is finally (mostly) official, with Tuesday’s primary results giving Hillary a decisive victory in her hard-fought battle with Bernie. Now Bernie is basically the guy who thought it was appropriate to stay at the house party until the hosts were literally asleep. But that wasn’t all that happened…


Because Hillary Clinton is a successful woman and we can’t just let that be enough, people this week started criticizing Hillary for how much she spends on her clothes. In particular, she got shit for a $12,000 Armani jacket that she wore while giving a speech on income inequality. While this might not sound great, it DOESN’T FUCKING MATTER. Hillary has made her own money, which she is free to spend on however many beautifully tailored jackets she wants! She and her husband Bill have one of the largest charitable organizations in the world, so no one can act like she doesn’t help others. And would you really want a female president that buys her suits from JC Penney? Didn’t think so.


It’s that time of the year when everyone falls in line behind their candidate. On Thursday, both President Obama and Senator Elizabeth Warren endorsed Hillary. Both had remained silent during the primaries, praising certain aspects of both candidates. On the other side of the aisle, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan finally endorsed Trump, but also called him a racist in the same day. Fun times to be a Republican.


Paul Ryan wasn’t the only one calling Trump a racist this week. The Donald made some pretty horrifying comments about the judge in the ongoing Trump University case, who just happens to be Mexican-American. In an interview with Jake Tapper at CNN, Trump couldn’t quite seem to grasp that the judge was born in the US, thus making him an American. Basically everyone has called him a racist, and Hillary tweeted at him to delete his account. This should be a fun election.





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