Betchocracy 2012: Romney thinks Snooki looks #5 skinny

Mitt Romney's in love with Snooki and he doesn't care who knows it. In an interview on Friday he said he's “kind of a Snooki fan. She's energetic. Just her spark-plug personality is kind of fun.” If by spark-plug personality you mean the 15 tequila shots and slutty clothes that make her into a weekly shit show, then yes Mitt, we're on the exact same page. Mitt knows what's best for the country and will make sure to cut taxes so even poor guidos from the Jersey Shore can afford to do cocaine instead of crack. Romnooki 2012. He then remarked, “just look how tiny she's gotten.” Cringe. Read article>>

Speaking of old men publicly hitting on reality sluts, Donald Trump tweeted the above at Kim Kardashian. Really Don, you think Kim Kardashian actually votes? Like goes to a polling place and pulls a lever? LOL. He heard she is 'undecided' aka doesn't know it's an election year. Trump is like that bro in your class who offers his study guide as an excuse to talk to you, the only difference being that the study guide would actually help you while Trump's explaining to Kim why she should vote for Romney is completely pointless. Read article>>

While we're getting all our celebrity endorsements in order, we wrote a while ago about how former BOTW Nicki Minaj was supporting Romney in one of her raps. A few days later Obama called out her endorsement for being a joke and probably the fault of one of her multiple personalities. “It was probably Roman who did it.” Then Nicki tweeted the above before reportedly morphing into Harajuku Barbie rap: why-why-why-why didn't anyone get that I was fucking kidding? Whatevs, we're impressed that Obamz is able to get through all his assignments in the middle east and shit and still has time to memorize the various personalities of a famous betch. Read article>>



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