How Many of These Summer 2016 Bucket List Items Have You Checked Off?

It’s more than halfway through summer, which means it’s time to start ticking the boxes off this very betchy bucket list. How many have you done so far?

1. Woken up in a house in Montauk full of complete strangers with no personal belongings other than a napkin signed by A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky Shabba

2. Complained about how hot it was for so long that you cleared out your entire office and got to go home early on a Tuesday

3. Sat on someone’s shoulders so close to the front of a Calvin Harris concert that you accidentally got body surfed onto the stage and then he gave you a high five

girl on guy's shoulders concert

4. Instagrammed a picture of an ice cream cone before immediately throwing it on the ground

Threw it on the ground Lonely Island

5. Blocked the numbers of anyone who doesn’t live in a building with rooftop access

6. Commandeered a $75 million yacht for fun

What like it's hard Legally Blonde

7. Looked so good in your scalloped bikini that everyone else just threw theirs away

8. Got third degree burns from the sun but put a little aloe on it and it was totally fine

Stewie Griffin sunburn

9. Had the PR team from SpikedSeltzer call and ask you to be their celebrity sponsor

10. Been helicoptered off the beach multiple times by your boyfriend despite telling him you think it’s too showy

Get to it, betches. The clock is ticking.


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