The Betches’ Spring Fashion Must-Haves

Spring was like, yesterday. Obviously, florals, crop tops, and daisy chains are always in, but there’s a lot of other (better) styles you can wear to make you a not-so-basic-betch.

Get your shit together with these must-have looks for Spring 2016.

The Boyfriend Jean

Paired with a slouchy tee and structured jacket, this is the perfect look for the casual days at the office or a Sunday brunch. You might smell like vodka, but your effortless look will distract the public from picking up on that. Dress them up with a colorful belt or some heels to amp up the fem vibes.

Grown-up Pink / Lovely Lilac

Light pink and lilac are gorge spring colors that won’t make you look like a toddler. Find pants, skirts, and flowy tops in these shades and pair with a neutral color. If these hues make your skin tone look weird, use them sparingly in accessories like scarves or accent jewelry.

Midi Skirt

These knee- to shin-length skirts look super fetch with a pretty blouse (tucked in). Midi skirts can look pretty frumpy with a pair of flats, so wear with heels or ankle booties to help elongate your figure. To further avoid the frumpy issue, always wear a shoe with some sort of heel and always tuck the shirt in.


You’ll find this look everywhere—in shirts, dresses, rompers, and even crop tops. Exposed shoulders can make you look and feel v. sexy without looking like a total tramp, making an off-the-shoulder top a must have this year. Pair with jeans, high-waisted shorts, or even a midi skirt for a flirty spring look.

Lightweight Denim

AKA Chambray. This look works for spring in lot of ways. Wear a chambray button-down with a floral shirt, solid neutral skirt, and brightly colored heels. Button the shirt completely and pair with brightly colored pants (uhm, like lilac or pink totally work, duh). Wear a chambray shirt over a printed dress, leave unbuttoned, and accessorize with a belt. See what I mean?

With these betchy style tips you’ll look fresh AF this spring. You’re welcome.


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