Omghaaa Betches x Ryan Porter Bracelets Are On Sale NOW!!

How do celebs like Karlie Kloss, Guliana Rancic, and Brooke Burke show love for their betchsties? By wearing really chic bracelets on their instas, duh!!

That’s why we have teamed up with Ryan Porter to bring back a staple of every Betch’s childhood in a chic cool new way! Introducing the Betches x Ryan Porter Limited Edition bracelets.

These bracelets look just like the ones that you and your BFF traded in the ’90s. That is if the two of you had access to beautiful gold hardware instead of craptastic yarn and were like, really trendy. 

Each bracelet design will express your truest and most grown-up desires:  Snap Me, K Bye, Rly Pretty, and a matching Betches set, because BF now stands for Betches Forever. 

The Snap Me Bracelet 


Starting at $25.00

For the betch who doesn’t send them, she just gets them. 

The K Bye Bracelet

Starting at $25.00

The two betchiest words in the English language, K bye. 


The Rly Pretty Bracelet 

Starting at $25.00

We agree, you’re like, really pretty. 

The Betches Bracelet

Starting at $25.00

The betchiest bracelet you will ever own. We promise. Perfect for you and your BFF (Best Betch Forever) to display your undying friendship. If you buy a set of two, we will give you $10 off. 


We know you neeeeeed them all. Go shop yours now and at!!! 



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