The Betches’ Official Bachelorette Drinking Game

This Monday will suck just a little bit less: The Bachelorette is back, betches.

Like 99 percent of females in the United States, you’ll likely be watching JoJo’s quest to find love with copious amounts of wine and Trader Joe’s cheese. And now we’re giving you a reason to drink even more wine with our Bachelorette premiere drinking game. Don’t worry, we’re here for the right reasons.

Tonight’s episode with undoubtedly be filled with douche bags getting drunk and staring at JoJo’s boobs, which makes it a perfect episode for drinking. Prepare your liver, and your heart, as we follow dear JoJo on her quest to find love.

Take a sip when…

  • JoJo mentions Bachelor Ben
  • Chris Harrison appears
  • Chris Harrison claims it will be the most dramatic season yet
  • A bro takes his shirt off
  • JoJo wears a bikini
  • The creepy camera guy pans up and down JoJo’s body
  • Someone says “here for the right reasons”
  • JoJo or the guys mention the “journey,” “finding love” and/or “fairy tale”
  • A guy comes out of the limo with a prop
  • Someone is censored for cursing
  • Someone is censored for nudity (two sips)
  • A bro steals JoJo away from another bro
  • Someone talks about love
  • Any contestant gets way too drunk (not judging)

Finish your drink when…

  • Someone tells a sob story
  • Someone starts crying
  • A dude tries to kiss JoJo after knowing her for 1.5 hours
  • Bros get in a fight
  • A bro talks shit about another guy to JoJo
  • JoJo mentions her creepy brothers
  • Someone goes in the hot tub/pool
  • A guy comes out of the limo wearing a fucking weird costume

Take a shot when…

  • An ambulance is called
  • Someone from JoJo’s past comes on the show
  • One of the guys has a girlfriend back home
  • A bro tells JoJo he thinks he’s falling in love with her
  • JoJo sends someone home before the rose ceremony
  • Chris Harrison announces the final rose

Cheers, betches!


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