Betches Love This New App: Fever

Betches don’t really like to plan shit, unless they happen to be the designated Planner Betch of the group. Why? When you’re the one who makes the plan, the pressure is on you to make sure whatever you decided is fun. That’s like, a lot of pressure, and no betch wants that anxiety. Like, why would you actually decide what bar to go to ahead of time when you can just decide on the fly in the back of the Uber?

If I just described your life and omg that’s like totally insane, listen up, betches, because the perfect app has just come out for you. It’s called Fever, and it essentially plans out your weekend for you. I’m not kidding, this app was def created by a betch. Here’s how it works:

·         You download the app (duh) and it gives you a bunch of cities to choose from. Unfortunately, my only choices were either New York or a bunch of cities in Spain, so if you happen to live in any of the other largely popular cities in the world you’re out of luck until your Spring Break Eurotrip. Also, sidebar: my first choice of cities was Valencia and for a second I was like whoa, this app links to my Instagram? No way. Not the case.

·         Next, you’re prompted to “define yourself in three words,” but TG this isn’t one of those 7th grade friendship book-type things with Hello Kitty on the cover because you don’t actually have to think of the words yourself. Fever comes up with a list of hashtags, like #party #fitness and #deportes (whatever the fuck that means) and you select which ones fit your interests best. So like for you that’d be, party, shopping, and food. Did I get it right?

·         Then, after you skip over the “invite your friends” screen because you’re not trying to make any enemies, it gives you suggestions of people to follow based on your similar interests in blacking out, running up daddy’s credit card, etc.

·         Finally, after all that you get to the good stuff: Fever hand-picks and curates the events you’d be interested in actually attending. None of the events are random, or in a foreign language and you’ll actually give a shit about them.

·         Then you RSVP to the stuff you like and it gives you a countdown so you won’t forget or show up super late. Even though you’ll show up super late anyway.

So, real talk, Fever has legit stuff and is kind of giving me FOMO that I don’t live in New York. Like there’s concerts, free shows, tastings, even giveaways for the broke/recently cut off betch. And once you invite all your besties then you don’t have to blow up the group text to tell them about all the fun shit you want to do. I can’t wait until Fever comes to more cities so I can stop Googling “WTF Should I Do This Weekend?” JK I’ve never done that, but I have come close before.

Want to try Fever? Download it here.


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