Betches Love This Music: Tomorrowland

With Tomorrowland coming up like, almost tomorrow, we know betches all around the world will be raging for the occasion.. or not, whatever. But in the spirit of a music festival we decided to give you a lot of songs with amazing beats but very few words. 

Dmitri Vegas and Like Mike – Tomorrowland Anthem 2012: Here's a preview and it's fucking insane. It's short and has no words so we recommend listening on repeat at as high a volume as your computer/iPhone allow. Like if people on the street aren't turning heads due to the noise they hear coming from your earphones, it's not fucking loud enough.

Flosstradamus – Rollup (Baauer remix): Here's one of those songs with like no words but the words it does have consist of “roll up the grass.” Fuck yes, please do.

Zeds Dead and Omar LinX – The Living Dead: Here's the title track from Zeds Dead new EP called …wait for it… The Living Dead. The buildup is sick and vocals don't start about halfway through. Overall I'd say this songs reminds me of something that belongs in a trailer for a movie about the world ending, but like a really good trailer, for a movie I'd really want to see.

Tiesto and Wolfgang Gartner – We Own The Night (Joneses remix): Tiesto and Wolfgang give this track all the credit it needs. Parts of it could be described as beautiful. This song is by no means new, but we are by no means music bloggers.



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